Minibus Hire

I figured I would do a little blog and pass on some excellent information on about hiring a minibus from an established company offering 16 seat + minibus hire.

They are all out there you know….. websites upon websites of people claiming they hire out minibuses and driver. But do they exsist? In a nutshell…… sometimes aye, but sometimes definitely NO.

When hiring a minibus please do your research. Here at Avril’s Travels we did not just go and buy a bus to hire out. We follow the rules of the Transport Commissioners as we run under an Operator Licence, Tachograph and Driver regulations and all the inspections and insurances that go with it. All operators will have their contact details (on 16 seats and above) on the bodywork of their minibus on the passenger side usually by the sliding door as well as a blue disc in the window with their operators licence number. If they don’t then ask yourself, are they insured to carry passengers under hire and reward.

Ask for photo’s of the vehicle that will be used for your hire and a phone number of the driver. These fancy websites you are landing on are generally answered by someone working from their living room, they source a bus and add on a hefty price from contractor to what you will pay if you are hiring direct.