NC500 Tours

About our Ultimate Tours...

You will find some of our Tour highlights below… however, as with all tours the duration and places we will visit can vary depending on your requirements. (and the weather of course)

please get in touch to discuss.


Our first stop is the breathtaking “Millionaire’s View” this viewpoint offers stunning 360 degree views of the Dornoch Firth, Dornoch Bridge and a number of Scotland’s biggest mountains



Lying at the base of Ben Hope and Ben Loyal Mountains we stop here for a quick break before our onward journey to Durness


A firm favourite here for Avril and her family. She has been holidaying up here for many years. As soon as you arrive and see the stunning beaches you will understand why. 



A great photo opportunity at a brilliant piece of engineering. The curves of this bridge fit seamlessly into the hillside


Despite its small size Ullapool is the largest of the settlements for many miles around and is an Important tourist port as well as sitting on the NC500 route 

Ullapool from the road