The A Team



Avril as the name suggests is the boss. She started this venture last year and has not stopped since. She is the driver, the guide, the valeter and the person who answers all the emails.
You are in safe hands with Avril as she is also a fully qualified heavy goods driver, former oilrig fire team member and first aider. 
Avril’s hobbies include an unhealthy amount of crafting in the office, camping in the beautiful Scottish highlands with her daughter and an even more unhealthy interest in fast cars and motorbikes.


Computer wizz (We still don’t know how manages to type with those fat fingers) He really is a Driver/Guide extraordinaire though and with his dulcet tones he can make the Clans of the past come to life in the present. We do need to keep feeding him though 🙂


Oh lordy what can we say about this guy. Mark is to Avril’s Travels like The Stig was to Top Gear!! He sits behind the scenes as a driver and consultant, you never know he might even be the one answering the email’s 😉


Elise is chief sweetie passer-outer and once she leaves her acting and singing career behind she has promised to come on board to work full time, at the moment we are just waiting until she is tall enough to wash the minibuses. She also has an unhealthy interest in fast cars and motorbikes like her mummy.